Learning new things

Two weeks ago I started a jewellery making course. It’s eight weeks, and I really thought it would be something to do with beads and twisting wire… But it’s way, way, way better than that!!!!!! We’re actually learning how to handle metal. During the first two classes I finished a copper ring which is gorgeous but unfortunately a bit too small for me – measuring mistake during the process…

I’m working on a sterling silver pendant now. It’s going to be beautiful… And it will be the right size! 😉 This is what I started with (a piece of silver and a stone – carmelite, I think):


After sawing the piece of metal for two and a half hours, and ending up with my eyes, nose, throat and lungs full of fine silver dust (that made me cough until the next day), I’ve got to this point:


The pendant will be a shape of a flower, with the stone in the middle. I still have to file and sand the base, the edges are uneven and rough. The ring is for setting the stone in the middle. It has not been soldered together, that’ll be the first order of business next time. I will try to do the filing and sanding at home, to save time in class. I also have another stone that I’d like to set…

It’s just been really fun to discover a new world and new skills… I feel like I haven’t learned anything new in a long time, just polishing old skills or developing them further. But this is completely new! It’s great, and I’m really excited, and planning to take the second, intermediate course right after this… I could make so many things… 🙂

I’ve also started to make some wire jewellery at home – requires less tools and space than the metal stuff would… Some will be up at PurpleCatDesigns.etsy.com soon! I bought some mother-of-pearl beads yesterday; the green ones go really well with copper-coloured wire.

But more on that later. Now to bed!


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