I get off work early on Thursdays. And there are some good stores on the way home… So this week I stopped by at Welk’s Discount Store on Main St. They have a great selection of semi-precious stones for quite cheap. I ended up coming out with some grass-gree jade, mother-of-pearl, sodalite and fake pearls… And a box to store them in.

About half a block south from there is one of my favourite shops in the city – Birkeland Bros. Wool. ( So I decided just to go in and see… I’ve been making some leaf-pattern socks (Fairy Wings, in and I have a vision of making similar socks with other lacy patterns… But it’s important to find wool that is thin enough! There’s no better place to do that than Birkeland’s… I came out with enough wool for two pairs of socks and info about their next spinning class in June – that would be fun…

I got back to the bus stop and into the bus… Which goes conveniently close to a certain dollar store on the corner of Kingsway and Knight. They have lots of craft supplies, and, depending what is on stock, lots of beads of all kinds.

I lucked out! There were some new glass beads, great chunky ones. So I bought some – can’t let them pass, you never know if they’re there next time!

All these are from Tue and Thu...

All these are from Tue and Thu...

All this added up to some jewellery making tools I got on Monday and Tuesday’s stop at DeSerres on Broadway (for some polymer clay, but I also found some mother-of-pearl on sale), and I’ve spent about a hundred bucks on craft supplies this week! But they will all be turned into something wonderful, and maybe even sold, so isn’t it all worth it?

Today I’ll have to go to a hardware store and see about buying a toolbox to keep all the beading supplies in. They’ve lived in a shoebox before but there’s no more room…


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