I cleaned up a bookshelf today. It had to be done… The cats had been climbing on top, and the pieces of cardboard under the shelf that have been keeping it steady (we have crooked floors) were quite worn out… I’m actually surprised the cats didn’t knock the whole shelf down…

Anyhow… I took everything out of the shelf already on Thursday. Today J. helped me to put new pieces of cardboard under. I wiped off the dust and rearranged everything! Now I have everything crafty in one place; everything church-related in another, and everything else in between. I have much more space and I actually found things I thought I had lost forever…

Feels good… =)

New knitting project, by the way… Bags… I post a picture up when I get the first one ready – it’s almost there…

Oh, what happened to the perfect sweater? Well… *deep sigh* It turns out I’ve made the shoulders too narrow. I will have to unravel about four inches, and I haven’t been able to do that yet… One day… But the thought of it makes me too depressed…

I will finish it. I will. Just not very soon…


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