Rainy day

Monday of a long weekend… and a rainy day. What to do…

Well, to start it off, a trip to hardware store. It wasn’t raining in the morning so J. and I took a long walk. We came back with a hot glue gun (I’ve been wanting to get one for a long time!!!) and a ceramic tile – a work surface for polymer clay.

Then back home, some lunch and a nap… And then I played with the clay!! I’m just learning how… I found a book in the library (Creative techniques for polymer clay jewelry by Nanetta Bananto) that explained cane making really well. Here are some samples from today…



The ones on the right are an attempt to make a rose cane – kind of close but not quite… The ones on the left are a variation of the rose, with a stained glass look, sort of… Not quite what I was thinking either. The centre ones are made of leftover pieces of the stained glass cane. Not bad, really…
Some close-ups then…

One thought on “Rainy day

  1. Hienoja nuo vasemmanpuoleiset! Katoin ensin kuvista että mistäköhän oot löytäny noin kivan näkösiä helmiä, olin ihan yllättyny että olitkin tehny ne ite… =)

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