Last Tuesday I started spinning classes. Not the excercise kind… No, but ones where to transform wool into yarn. And I think I’m hooked… It was fun, really fun, even though my yarn is chunky and uneven and keeps breaking up… But chunky yarn is fashionable, isn’t it?? 🙂

It was a really hot day, and so we had our class outside, on the sidewalk. The sidewalk happens to be extra wide just in front of Birkeland Brothers store; we pulled our wheels and chairs into a circle and spun away… We had a lot of spectators – what great promotion for the store! The owner actually joined our class, wanting to learn how to spin herself, and ended up handing out a lot of business cards. (Check www.birkelandwool.com)

Now I really want to do it at home… Apparently a spinning wheel costs about $600, unless you luck out like one lady in the class did who bought hers from a silent auction for $130. Not that I would have any space for a wheel anyway. Even though they have these really neat collabsible ones now; I was using one in the class. It folds up quite small. Still, can’t justify the expense, unless I’ll become a full-time wool and yarn dealer…


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