Wool, wool everywhere…

The house smells like Kool Aid (tropical punch flavour). I’m dyeing wool! (What’s the correct spelling anyway??? I always thought it was “dying” but that sounds so mournful…)

I found this great Knitty article  and decided to go for it. I’ve been spinning a fair bit of yarn in the past while. My yarn isn’t quite so chunky anymore… Since I have no room in the house for a spinning wheel, I got myself a drop spindle. And is it ever fun!!! It’s portable, so I’ve been carrying it with me to work. That way I get some spinning done during breaks and quiet moments. Some of the kids at work saw me and wanted to try, and there’s one 8-year-old boy who was just phenomenal…

Here’s some photo evidence of my progress… After plying, still on the spindle:


Here’s the finished product:


And right now I have a skein in a dye bath, like this:


Looks like spaghetti with beets or something… =]

Here’s how it works: First, wash the wool with mild soap in warm water. Dissolve kool aid into water – how much kool aid depends on the amount of wool and the depth of colour you’re looking for. I have about 50g of yarn, and I used four envelopes (6g each).

Dump (unceremoniously) the wool into the kool aid and cover with water. Heat the wool soup slowly and let simmer just below boiling point for about half an hour. The yarn is done when all the wool has absorbed all the dye and the water is clear.

Let the wool cool down in the pot. Don’t dump it in cold water just like that unless you want a felted mess… When the water has cooled down, rinse well, wash with mild soap and rinse again until water runs clear. Hang to dry.

I’m about half way into the process and so far so good… I might have used too much kool aid, though, the colour is getting strong. I’ll post photos about the final results later.


2 thoughts on “Wool, wool everywhere…

  1. Love the idea that it makes the house smell good too! My husband always shudders when he walks into the house and the kids yell, “We’re helping Mommy dye/die!”

    Thanks for sharing your dyeing adventure with Fiber Arts Friday!

  2. great spinning and dyeing job-just wanted to let you know a lot of the koolaid will rinse out so don’t worry about the vibrant colors at first. But the koolaid colors are really pretty. I usually microwave rather that boil on the stove. best of luck!!

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