Bubbly necklace

My friend was browsing through my sketch book one day and really liked a picture of this necklace. (I cut out pictures from magazines of inspiration. I never copy the designs, mind you…)

So I made her a necklace. I’m not Michael Kors and I don’t exactly have the tools required to duplicate the original… So I used some wire with some beads and ended up with this:


It’s much more delicate than the Michael Kors one (I don’t want to say “the original one” since this is mine, not a copy!!) and I think it suits my friend better that way. She liked it a lot… 🙂

Some close-ups, then:



I also made a box for the necklace. My friend is an excellent pianist so I thought this box would be suitable for her:



2 thoughts on “Bubbly necklace

    • It’s actually blue but quite dark… But for some reason it shows really bright in the picture. I did use a flash so that’s probably why…

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