The start of something new

Aaaah, back from holidays! It was a truly wonderful two weeks with my family in Finland. I got to see friends, hang out with people I love and eat lots of mom’s great cooking…

Yesterday was a take-it-easy-and-recover day. Today it’s back to business… Except I don’t have much to get back to. I quit my job before I left. I’ve always loved my job (I was working in a daycare) but it was time to move on. Tonight I’m heading off to school for the first time in almost seven years! I’m going to learn some business and marketing skills, and continue the jewellery classes that I’ve been doing. Hopefully something will come out of that combination…

I’m excited about the new possibilities. I’m also a bit nervous – I haven’t studied anything in such a long time… And I think I should also try to find a part-time job for the time being…

I have some great stories and photos from my trip; I’ll be posting some here shortly…


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