Just married

My friend Taru has been married for almost two weeks now. She got engaged to Jari in February and thankfully their wedding date was at the end of August when J. and I were in Finland! I’ve missed most of my friends’ weddings simply because I live too far away.
So, I had to think of a wedding gift. Taru told me  that they wouldn’t need any basic household items, etc. since both of them had been living on their own for quite some time so they wouldn’t need any of the basic household items. I’ve taken a handmade pledge so I decided to make them something nice.

Plan: Making a lovely set of cute / romantic / etc. pillow covers. I bought the fabrics and drew a couple of sketches, and then left it at that. After all, I still had a couple of weeks…

Three days before leaving to Finland I decided it was time… I borrowed fabric paints from work and cleared the dining table for the process. So far so good…

 I spent some time surfing the internet, looking for a nice phrase for the pillow covers. (And checking my e-mail, facebook and twitter as well as the latest news around the world… Procrastinating, me? Never…) I settled with “Love is…” on one pillow cover and “…when one pillow would be enough.” on another. In Finnish, of course…

And then, finally, to work.

Cutting the stencils

Cutting the stencils

Looking messy at this point...

Looking messy at this point...


Now that's better

Now that's better

 Greatest problem afterwards; where to spread the pillow covers to dry so that the cats can’t walk over them… I would not have been happy with green fabric paint stains all over the house!!

So that part got done. All I needed to do was to sew the covers together. A quick job, really. So I spent some time making a lovely card to go with the gift…  

How cute...

How cute...



The day of departure. We were planning to head over to the airport at around 5:30pm. J. had to go to work for half a day. I was at home, finishing packing and cleaning the house. And I was still planning to sew the pillow covers… 

The day went suddenly by faster than I thought. Half an hour before we left the house I was beginning to be very thankful that my mom has a sewing machine… 

In the end I finished the pillow covers with my mom’s machine, the day before the wedding. That didn’t leave much room for mistakes, really… Thankfully they turned out nice.  

Love is... when one pillow would be enough.

Love is... when one pillow would be enough.

The wedding was lovely! And I got to see many of my friends I haven’t seen in years – and many of whom J. has never met. We had a wonderful time. Once more, congratulations Taru and Jari!


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  1. For some reason the first three paragraphs are all messed up. Is there anyone out there who knows how to fix these things??? It happens to me every once in a while, and I find it quite irritating…

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