So, I have a problem.

I have too much yarn.

Surprise? Probably not… I have a lage tote full of yarn. So full, in fact, that there’s barely any space – and I’ve stuffed it really tight. It’s so full that it’s getting nearly impossible to try to find anything from there… Besides the tote, I have two baskets dedicated to ongoing projects, and needles and other supplies that I need on a regular basis. It used to be only one basket. That basket was getting old and worn, and I bought a new one to replace it. I just haven’t thrown the old one away yet… Besides the tote and the basket I probably have some balls and skeins tucked away somewhere…

Two weeks ago I made an important decision to reduce my stash. I mean, one can’t just have an endless pile of yarn, right? Right. With this mindset I got to work. I have lots and lots of lovely, chunky yarn, perfect for anything that needs to be warm. I decided to knit some legwarmers – I could probably sell some at a craft sale in November.

I finished two pairs – yay me! Halfway through the third pair I noticed a problem – not enough wool. Well, not a problem, I decided to go and get just one more ball of that same blue yarn to finish the pair. (Yes, I did think of the fact that then I’ll still have half a ball of that same yarn that I was trying to get rid of… But I’d think of something…)

So I went into the store. I had a perfect game plan; go in, go directly to the shelf where that lovely blue yarn has its habitat, do not look at anything else, get the yarn, pay for it and come out. No problem.

Except that they did not have my blue yarn!!!!!! For the first time ever!!!!

Instead, they had a lovely ball of the same yarn in pinkish greyis purplish colour combo. And right next to it, a scrumptuous ball of soft, smooth, inviting plum-coloured yarn. And right next to that one, rusty-red ball of alpaca…

I came out of the shop with the pinkish greyish combo and the plum-coloured one. I left the alpaca preying on its next victim.

That plum-coloured yarn will make such a lovely pair of leg warmers!


2 thoughts on “Problem

  1. Fantastic, you have exactly described one of my plastic boxes I have of full of yarn that has been used and is left over, it is packed to the full and must push down to close. I have also three of the same boxes but just filled to the top. I have also bought more yarn that is still in its bags 🙂 Love colored/variegated acrylic yarn and any other that is so soft. I do not think I could get rid off the stash, but I do have many ideas what to make with them, blankets and my obsession with doily’s and pouch/sock for my Nokia. Anyways, thanks for sharing and Enjoy your day 🙂 cya MOnikaRose

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