I just read this blog post about Twitter. It made a whole lot of sense…

When I signed up on Twitter I actually did it for self-promotion – like many arts and crafts people seem to do. My first goal was to get as many followers as possible… Then everyone would see my Etsy shop – and more views means more sales later, right?

In the past months I’ve been noticing the pointlessness of having too many followers. (I have 580 or something like that… Nothing like 10 000 or more but still too much.) I’ve actually discovered the social aspect of Twitter – networking. And it’s quite impossible to get to know too many people through Twitter unless you spend 24h a day in front of the screen. People I actually get to know are usually on the same time zone.

So it’s time to purge! Not to un-follow the people who haven’t followed me back but to un-follow those whom I don’t find meaningful. Less self-promotion, more relationships! Because I’ve actually discovered many great people in there that I’d really like to be friends with!


Further update on October 8th:

I’ve started the “cleansing”; un-following people who have no original thoughts – in other words, whose tweets are nothing but replies to others, repetitions of the same several times and/or promotions of their shops/products.

My list is getting shorter. I haven’t finished yet – have to get back to it at some point.


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