Deep sigh…

I can’t believe it’s been such a long time… Sorry all… Right now I’m juggling too many things. There’s school and group assignments that come with it… I just started a part-time job, data entry two days a week… (The most mind-numbing thing you can imagine. I’m sure hell is a big office with no windows but lots of fluorescent lights and computer monitors, and you have to enter the same information in the database over and over and over again…)

And then there’s Elina Designs. That’s right… It’s my business, my very own, registered and official!!! There will be but it’s not working quite yet… When it works it’ll lead you to for now; I opened another Etsy shop for the silver jewellery I have.

That’s another thing that’s taking time; jewellery. I have four craft fairs coming up before Christmas!!!! I applied to so many because I didn’t think I’d get in to all of them… But I did. So I’m making new stuff like crazy…

I will try to blog occasionally, though… But can’t promise anything more than that.

Oh, almost forgot… I finished the sweater!! I’ll post pictures as soon as I have some. It’s beautiful!! 🙂


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