‘Tis the season…

…to be busy! Two craft fairs are done, one more to go in two weeks…

Report from the field: The first fair at Kensington was really slow. The weather was lousy; people just didn’t come! A vendor who has been there before said last year they had about ten times as many people… Well, no people, no sales. It was a long day…

What saved my day and table was Almond Roca. I made several boxes and sold almost all of them – and I’ve had two bigger orders since. I will deliver the second one later today.

The second fair was a monthly Blim market last weekend. I had a good time – lots of people, lovely vendors and no Jingle Bells… 🙂 The sales weren’t the best there either. Everyone is noticing the same; sales are down this year. I guess people are just overly cautious because of the economy… What a time to start a business…

I did sell some knitted stuff; leg warmers and fingerless gloves. The gloves went especially well, I sold out on these ones with the leaf pattern. I need to make more for the next fair…

I’m also thinking about writing down the pattern for the gloves and selling that one. That could be a problem because half the time I improvise it… Sometimes I make the vines, sometimes cables, sometimes other things… I’ll have to see how it works.

But I need to go and deliver some almond roca! And buy more green yarn… I thought I wouldn’t have to (read: be allowed to) buy any more yarn this year – how wrong I was… 😀


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