Knitting the day away

Is it possible to have too many knitting projects in the works at the same time? If you ask my husband, the answer is yes… But then again, he also thinks that there is such a thing as too much yarn…

Here’s what I have on the go right now:

Four pairs of fingerless gloves – each pair has one finished glove so far!

A cabled cowl, using nice and chunky yarn… Shouldn’t take too long.

A funky scarf, almost done, I just need to weave in the ends (and it’s been in that state since September!).

A baby blanket for sis-in-law. I have to keep the details secret for now…

A mesh shopping bag – summery knit, on hold for now.

Two pairs of leg warmers. In first pair, one warmer is finished but I ran out of yarn in the middle of the second one. I’m just starting the second pair.

The scarf that needs to be finished

In other words, there’s something for every day and every mood. Sometimes I feel like knitting lots of small details in fine yarn… Then there are days for big and bulky things.  Sometimes colours, sometimes neutrals. It’s better to have lots of options, right?

 And then I have some projects in mind that I’d love to do… Mostly lots of complicated lace and cable things… Think about heirloom knitting… 🙂

I think I’ll have to finish some of the other things first. And get rid of some of that yarn so that hubby won’t be too overwhelmed when I want to buy more… 😉

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