MMX (or 2010)

Happy new year!

I usually don’t make new year’s resolutions. This year I did… And by making them public I hope to hold myself accountable somehow. Here they are:

  1. I will learn at least one new knitting pattern each month.
  2. I will learn needle felting.
  3. I will cuddle with my hubby more often. I’m not a cuddly person… But I’ll try.
  4. I will do the course in business law that I’m not really interested in.
  5. I will start exercising regularly (yes, everyone says so… Therefore I had to as well. What’s the point of making resolutions if there’s nothing about exercising or weight loss…)
  6. I will read at least five more classic novels.
  7. I will work hard to make my business profitable.
  8. I will develop a stash of handmade goodies that can be given as gifts on a short notice.
  9. I will play with the cats more.
  10. I will make time to hang out with friends. No excuses.

I think that’ll do for one year…


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