Go West Young Woman

My knit-along shawl is coming along nicely. The pattern called for two repeats of the lace chart but I’ve done five, to make the shawl a bit bigger. Here’s what the shawl looked like at the beginning of the lace:

At this point I’d repeated the lace chart once. And I was beginning to discover the mystery of row 5 in the pattern… For some reason that I still don’t know I ended up with an extra stich in row 5 for the first three repeats of the lace. I have no idea where that stich came from, nor do I know why I didn’t have it in the 4th and 5th repeat. I thought I was following the pattern every time…

I always ended up just knitting two together to get rid of the stich since it didn’t mess up the pattern. Thankfully, it would have been annoying to end up with the same mistake over and over again if I had to frog the shawl because of it…

“Frog” is a new knitting term I’ve learned while making the shawl. I learned it from the lovely ladies on Twitter that I’ve been knitting with. And as you may have guessed, it means “unravel”. Previously I had known the word only in the animal kingdom context… Unfortunately some of my fellow knit-alongers have had to use the word and the meaning behind it while making their shawls.

Many of the ladies I’ve been knitting with have already finished their shawls. All of them look fantastic. I’m going to try to finish mine today since I’m at home sick, trying to cough my lungs out… Here’s my progress so far:

It’s hard to see much here because the shawl is in such a bundle on the needles. You can see the sunset-coloured stripes though… Hence the name; Go West Young Woman. First the colours reminded me of the Northern lights, Aurora borealis, but they are too vibrant and bold for the Northern sky. Sunset, however, can be just this bold, especially when the weather is changing and there are few clouds on the sky.

But now enough writing… Time to start knitting!

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