Spring Garden

We’ve had record warm months in January and February. Last weekend was just gorgeous… It seemed like a good idea to start gardening. I turned the soil in a third of our little vegetable batch on the backyard and added some fresh compost from the bin. I sowed some colourful chard which is a strong plant and is not supposed to mind occasional cold spells during spring.

I also got some little pots going for lettuce, basil, parsley and broccoli. Those live indoors for now, for a few weeks at least.

Then, at the beginning of the week, the weather changed. Suddenly it wasn’t so warm anymore; the grass was frozen in the mornings. And finally on Thursday morning everything was covered in wet snow! Here’s our veggie garden on Thursday:

This photo was taken mid-morning when most of the snow had already melted in the rain. (You can see the spring onions, they’ve lasted in the garden through the winter.)

I really hope the chard seeds are OK with the cold…

Meanwhile, the indoor pots have life. Basil has sprouted.


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