Chocolate and Johnny Depp

Just before Christmas in a craft fair, a young woman saw a knitted lace hat on my table. She tried it on – but it was too small. So she asked if I could make her a bigger one with the same yarn, and I said yes – but not until after Christmas. She agreed to that, paid for the hat and went her way.

The yarn I had used is Sandnesgarn’s Tove. It’s a lightweight sock yarn and 100% wool, one of those scratchy, rough ones that really feel like wool – no soft superwash for this young woman, thank you very much. Tove comes in many lovely colours, in this case light blue.

After Christmas I went yarn shopping. I only had half a skein of Tove at home and that would not do. I checked the local yarn shops that carry Sandnes yarns but did not find what I was looking for. By now it was getting toward the end of January, and I was getting worried. Finally one store owner told me that Tove had been discontinued, and that she had some black and white left but that was it.

I called the young woman who has ordered the hat and explained the situation. Since the hat had been paid for I offered to return the money or to find another, similar yarn to replace Tove. (Where could I find that? I had no idea…) We agreed to proceed as follows: I would find another yarn, make a hat and deliver it. She would then have the choice of keeping the hat or having the money returned.

More yarn hunting followed. I was not able to find anything even remotely similar… If I found a yarn with the same texture it was a wrong colour, and vice versa. Until finally, in February, I had the common sense to shop online! And I found Tove, in light blue (and every other colour as well) in an online shop across Canada – and the ladies in the shop

informed me that the yarn was not discontinued after all… So I placed my order. They did not have the right colour in stock right then but they were expecting some more next week.

A week went buy. And another. And another. Finally, in the beginning of March, I e-mailed the store and asked about my yarn. I’m not sure if they had misplaced my order or what happened but I got the yarn the following week. Now the rest would be easy, just knit it, right? Wrong…

I started knitting. I adjusted the number of stiches to make the hat bigger. Last week I spent the whole of Thursday afternoon, Friday night and most of Saturday knitting it. Finally I was ready to start the decreased to shape the crown. And that’s when I took a look at the hat and thought “it looks quite small”… I measured it, and sure enough, it was too small. After frogging the whole thing I tossed it in the basket and picked up a book instead.

Monday morning. I really had to get the hat going… It had been almost three months since the young woman ordered the hat and paid for it. (I’m very thankful to have such a patient customer…) I was knitting the hat slowly for a couple of hours but it just seemed to go nowhere.

Monday afternoon. Time to bring on the big guns – Johnny Depp and chocolate. I turned on the movie “Chocolat” (you saw this coming, didn’t you?) and picked up my knitting.

When the movie was over the hat was almost done. The rest was easy… And yesterday I delivered the hat to its happy (and very patient) new owner.


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