Kitchen Rug – Work in Progress

Remember the kitchen rug I started with such enthusiasm in March? I dyed all those old t-shirts and cut them into strips to make yarn… I had green, yellow and red shirts because those were the colours of the old, worn rug that has since been sent to its final resting place. I thought they were good colours – but you know how projects sometimes have a life of their own…?

Cutting the yarn took more time than I expected… Also, it takes some focus to try to get all the strips the same width. But finally I had a stash and started knitting. I started with a green stripe, followed by narrow grey stripe, followed by yellow. Red was supposed to come next but somehow it just did not fit. It looked wrong… So I decided to leave out the red and keep the rug green and yellow.

Problem; I had dyed three t-shirts in each colour. It quickly became evident that I did not have enough green. J. had no more t-shirts to donate to good cause, and while I might have been able to sneak a couple out of the drawer, using perfectly good t-shirts would not really fit the idea of repurposing old, worn shirts…

So the rug spent several weeks in hibernation, with only two stripes knitted.

Until last week… When a friend asked me if I still needed t-shirts for anything (note to self; always let your friends know what you’re working on!). I took the pile of white shirts, dyed them green and woke the rug up from its hibernation.

Next problem was the issue of different dye lots… I ended up with two shades of green. This was an easy one to solve, I just alternated lighter and darker green stripes. Next I ran out of grey but a quick trip to local thrift store was all that was needed to remedy that.

So now the rug is almost ready! All I need is a couple of more stripes, and I have enough yarn to finish them. It should be done soon! Meanwhile, here’s the work in progress… It’s mostly stockinette, except I’ve made garter stitch edges. I’ve also made the grey stripes in garter stitch to add texture. I’m quite happy with it.


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