Twenty questions

I had the following discussion with my cat Santosh this evening:

– Hmm?
I know you’ve been missing me when I was at work…
– Yes?
But did you really have to make such a mess about things?
– Maybe…
Well, never mind… I’ve cleaned most of it up but I’m missing two knitting needles. They’re my favourite sock needles. Could you tell me where they are?
– Guess… Twenty questions!
What? OK, well, are they under the desk?
– No. Nineteen.
Are they under the living room rug?
– No. Eighteen.
In the bathroom?
– No. Seventeen.
Under the bed?
– No. Sixteen.
In the bedroom closet?
– No. Fifteen.
In the laundry room?
– No. Fourteen.
Under the couch?
– No. Thirteen.
Under the hallway rug?
No. Twelve.
In the hallway closet?
– No… Look, this is boring. I’ll just go take a nap and then we’ll continue, OK?
Santosh, I want my needles back! Don’t you go anywhere… Are they under the fridge?
– No. You’ll probably find some pens there, though. Ten questions left.
Did you take them outside?
– No. Nine.
Are they under the stove?
– No. Eight.
How about under the bookshelf?
– No. Seven.
In the trash can?
– No. Six.
My goodness, Santosh, can’t you help me out a bit?
– No. Five questions.
What? No, that wasn’t a question!
– Yes it was.
No it wasn’t! You need to play fair!
– I don’t care, it’s not my needles. Do you want to keep going or not?
OK, fine…  Are they anywhere in the bedroom?
– No. Four questions.
Under the kitchen shelves?
– No. Three.
In the recycling?
– No. Two.
In your sleeping basket?
– No. One more…
Santosh, where are they???
– That is not a valid question. I don’t need to answer. Since that was your last question we’re done. I’m going out. Good luck finding them. I’ll come back for dinner.


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