I know I’ve been quiet for a while… We just got back from a two-week trip to Europe. Jason’s cousin celebrated her wedding in Norwich, England, and we spent some time there. It’s a beautiful place, with old houses and cobble stones and, like they say, “a pub for every day of the year and a church for every Sunday”…

Riverside in Norwich

Norwich is small, everything is within walking distance. (Well, OK, for us walking distance can mean a 45-minute walk… But anyway…) And they have a lovely, 900-year-old cathedral with the second-tallest spire in England.


It was just lovely to walk in a place that has history – where people live in houses built 200 years ago. Cousin’s wedding reception was held in a hall that was used as a trading post during middle ages – I think the oldest parts of the building were like 1000 years old… I’ve missed that sense of history and connectedness (is that a word? Is now…) that old cities in Europe give.

From Norwich we continued to Geneva, Switzerland. Jason’s mom lives there, and that’s where we met… So the city has a lot of memories.

Geneva lakeside

Geneva is beautiful as well, by the lake and surrounded by mountains. The old town was as lovely as ever. And the chocolate… 😉 Plus we got to see some old friends we hadn’t seen in years. It was a great trip overall.

Jet d’eau

Today is my last day off before returning to office. I feel rested and have some new ideas; I’ve already started working on some new knitted pieces for the fall sales. But I’m not that excited about going back to office… I could skip on that part and just stay home and craft!


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