Preserving the summer

Summer is long gone – but I managed to capture some of it.

My morsels of summer live in glass jars. I have jars of strawberry, blueberry, apricot and peach jams. I have watermelon pickles (made of the green rind of melon – totally delicious) as well as pickled beets and green tomatoes. And some blackberry jam and pickled cucumbers from a friend whom I got excited about canning. Trading jars with a friend is a great way to expand the variety of canned goods without much extra work. 🙂

I would still like to make some more – I’m thinking of pear jam or chutney, rowan berry jelly and maybe salsa… But I’m afraid I’m running out of room for more jars. (I’m also running out of jars but that is easier to fix…) Our kitchen is very small, we have no pantry, and while I’ve been considering storing some in the laundry room (shared with a neighbour) I have so far stayed in our own territory. This morning I had to create more space and reorganize – some kitchen shelves were bending under the weight. I’m saying goodbye to a set of serving dishes that we’ve only used twice while hosting a bigger party – we can live without them. Now I have another half a shelf for my lovely jars…

This morning I also prepared the garden for winter. I did one final round of weeding and spread a layer of compost on the surface. Once the leaves start falling I’ll add a layer of those on top of the soil. They will break down over the winter and create a nutritious layer of mulch for next summer’s vegetables. The only thing still growing in the garden is a little batch of winter greens. They can stay, we’ll keep eating them for a few more months.


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