Your Honour, I know I’m guilty.

I plead guilty to all the charges as they are stated. But please, let me explain.

See, the yarn was just way too irresistible. When I first saw it I could not get my eyes off it. Its silky softness was lovely against my cheek, and the colours… The colours are just a full reflection of a northern forest, the kind of environment I’m most at home in.

I bought the yarn to be a gift. I was honestly planning to give it away – but it was impossible not to knit it.

And then there was the pattern… When I first saw it I did not like it. However, it was pulling me like a magnet when I was looking for patterns – to give as a gift with the yarn, initially. There was something in the pattern that I thought would go so well with the different shades of green in the yarn… The soft leaf shapes in the lace, the airiness of it…

Then I made the final decision, to cast on. To use the yarn and find another one to give as a gift. I did not realize what the consequences would be.

I did not know that this pattern would be so incredibly captivating. I did not know that it would distract me from everything – from school, from blogging, from preparing for the Christmas craft sale season. I did not know that, your Honour. I am guilty of casting on a new, big project when I really did not have the time for it. But I meant no harm. And I have not done any harm to anyone but myself.


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