Small person, big trouble

Happy new year to all, finally… 🙂 I’m sorry I have been so silent lately. Like I mentioned before Christmas, there is a good reason for it…

I found out in the beginning of November that I’m pregnant! It’s exciting news; we’ve been hoping to increase our family size for some time now. However, it hasn’t been an easy ride. I’ve been sick a lot; it’s not only morning sickness but morning, afternoon and night… I’ll spare you the details.

It’s definitely had an impact on my daily life, though. My energy level has been and continues to be very low, and that’s the main reason it’s been quiet in this blog. It just hasn’t been one of my priorities lately. (What have been my priorities, you ask? Let’s see… Resting, trying to eat, napping, trying to think of something else to eat… Some knitting. Going to work sometimes. That’s it, really…)

I’m hoping to hit that second trimester energy wave soon… So far second trimester hasn’t been much different from the first but hopefully that’ll change. Then I’ll be updating the blog a little more as well. I promise.


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