Baking bee test run

Teamwork is great! My friend Channing and I have been talking about teaming up to bake stuff every now and then. Both of us have little babies, and both of us find it challenging to get much done during the day…

We met today with the plan to bake bread. I suggested maybe making cookies as well, while we wait for the bread dough to rise. I picked up chocolate and toffee chips on the way. Channing asked if I wanted to make pulla as well, and sure, why not… Might as well aim high.

The kids cooperated, and took their morning and afternoon naps at the same time. The rest of the time they were mostly content playing on the floor – when they had moments of unhappiness we took turns distracting them while the other one continued in the kitchen. We had time to bake all the things we wanted at a leisurely pace. We ate lunch, drank tea, hang out with the babies and talked about this, that and the other thing – and overall, spent a very happy afternoon. 🙂

I’m not posting a recipe this time… You’ve already seen the bread recipe; the one for pulla might be copyrighted (I’ll have to check on that) and we’re still working on finding a perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. The one we used today was good but not perfect…

So this was our first test run of a baking bee. Now the plan is to invite more people to join (and maybe to get more things done?), and double the amount of bread we bake, to make one week’s supply for both households on one go. And to do this once a week.

In this age of individualism and seclusion, we are trying to create a sense of belonging, having a community, a village. Working together is a great way of doing that. Conversation flows easily while hands are busy, and taking care of two babies is easier than taking care of one!


2 thoughts on “Baking bee test run

    • I wish you did… We weren’t happy with the cookie recipe we used so we’re going to test Cole’s recipe next time. 🙂 I’ve used it once, and the cookies were really good.

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