Big Butt Baby Pants

I’m the master of procrastination… I have half a dozen knitting projects on the go and a longish to-do list to accomplish… So what do I do? Start sewing!

I got a pattern for Big Butt Baby Pants as a gift, along with the fabric for the pants. J. does need new pants, he’s growing fast and I’m beginning to run out of clothes for him… Pants have always been a problem because of the cloth diapers (as have onesies and sleepers…). Those generally have to be one or two sizes bigger than the shirts he wears!

Thankfully this pattern accommodates big cloth diaper bums. 🙂 The pants have an extra panel on the back for more room. They fit perfectly.

I added stripey cuffs on the pants. The stripey fabric is very thin compared to the denim so I just sewed it right on top of the denim. It works. 🙂 Next time I’m going to add knee patches – thankfully the denim is quite thick so it’s not going to wear out too soon!

Oh, and the best part? This is a very easy pattern. I started the pants when J. went down for his morning nap. I ironed the fabric (which had been washed to pre-shrink it and was therefore wrinkly), copied and assembled the pattern, cut the fabric and almost finished sewing before he woke up an hour and a half later. The only things I had left to do were putting the elastic on the waist band and finishing the cuffs for the hems. I did that last night after J. went to bed. Altogether about two hours for the whole thing, and putting together the jigsaw puzzle of a pattern took some time…


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