Kids’ clothing week challenge

Elsie Marley is challenging everyone reading her blog to sew clothing for their kids. And of course I took the challenge… She’s asking people to sew for one hour every day this week, and make clothing for kids. Well, it’s Monday night and I’m already an hour behind (and my week begins on a Monday). But to my defense, I got our taxes done…

Oh, I do have plans… Great plans for this week. J. needs some pajamas – we’re running out of sleepers and I have some really nice pajama fabric that a friend gave me. I’m planning to make the pajama pants following this tutorial. And for the pajama shirt I’d follow this tutorial (and I might make a couple of spare t-shirts or onesies from that one as well). That last blog, by the way, has lots of great sewing ideas. If I only had the time…

*Ahem* I may also have spent some money to buy this hoodie pattern from Etsy… It is SO cute! I’m thinking chocolate brown hoodie with blue or green buttons…

Now I just need to get my butt of this chair and get going, otherwise I’ll have nothing to show at the end of the week. J. is in bed, now is my chance… So, self, off you go!


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