Oh, the pajamas…

I tried the pajamas on Jacob. The pants are OK but quite snug over the cloth diaper. The shirt would be fine otherwise but his head won’t go through the neck opening.


The shirt is a problem… I used a t-shirt he’s never worn before because I wanted to make it a little bit bigger than his current size. That probably means the t-shirt I used as a pattern won’t fit him either.

Double bummer.

I can fix the pants, I’ll just add a panel on the back like the Big Butt Baby Pants have. I think I’ll have to re-do the shirt.

Bummer again.

EDIT AN HOUR LATER: Focus, brain, focus… I don’t need to re-do the shirt. All I need to do is to remove the bias tape, cut the neck opening bigger and restitch the bias tape… Focus…


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