Sewing challenge, part 1 – pajamas

It seems that my sewing time is limited to when Jacob is asleep, otherwise he’ll keep eating the power cord of the sewing machine… And since his naps have been quite unreliable lately, the best time to sew is later at night. Last night I played catch-up, and managed to sew for an hour and a half. And finish pajamas for J. 🙂

The fabric for the pajamas is an old receiving blanket. I used this tutorial for the pants, and improvised the top with the same idea, by using J’s t-shirt for the pattern. The pajama top has a snap closure on one shoulder, to make sure his head fits through. I had issues finishing the neck opening until I remembered that I had some left-over bias tape from another project. And voila, it worked perfectly!

 I also started on some other projects. I have the pattern for the hoodie assembled, and I found some lovely fabric for that yesterday. I’ll see how much I’ll get done tonight…

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