Sewing challenge – results are in

Here’s J, showing off his new hoodie!

It was such a fun sewing project! It took a few evenings to get it done – my poor old sewing machine had such a hard time trying to cope with multiple layers of jersey… And making buttonholes? One would think I asked the machine to bake a cake or something! She just about went on strike. The result: two ugliest buttonholes I’ve ever made in my life! Thankfully the buttons hide them.

I found a cute frog applique patch at the fabric shop. I think it’s great on the hoodie. And I made the sleeve cuffs with the lining fabric, just to add some character… 🙂 Overall, I’m happy with the way it turned out.

Is there anything I would do differently? I think so. The pattern instructions said to sew the whole thing using zig zag stitch and skip straight stitch altogether. However, jersey fabric puckers easily, and in order to avoid that, you need to use largest possible stitch. I’m feeling very uncertain about the strength of the large zig zag on its own. Thankfully J. is so small that he’s still fairly gentle with his clothing (and it seems that this hoodie is not going to fit him too long… It’s just the right size now!) but if I make him another one (the pattern goes up to 5-year-old size) I’ll probably use the straight stitch as well even though that’s going to take longer.

Or maybe there will be a day when I buy a serger… One can dream…


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