What to do when you run out of spinach filling…

Sorry I haven’t been keeping up… Well, OK, it hasn’t been months but it sure feels like it. Last week was rough, with the little one teething A LOT and none of us getting much sleep…


We did manage to bake last week. (I was really tired that day and could have used a nap but I think it was good for my sanity, actually… Those baking days usually are. It’s good to talk to another adult during the day, and it feels good to accomplish something tangible i.e. edible… But I digress…) Channing wanted to try out spanakopita, and I was totally game. I’ve never made it before, she had made it once, but we followed this recipe and they were great! 🙂

Except for the fact that we ran out of the spinach and feta filling before we ran out of pastry. And you can’t really store phyllo pastry until next time, it’ll just dry and crumble. So we improvised a sweet filling with ground nuts and almonds, brown sugar, raisins and spices. I’m not going to write it down for you; it needs some work. It was quite dry so we’re thinking of adding fruit or something… But it was very, very tasty!

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