Wavy Baby Blanky

I’ve published a knitting pattern! It’s my first, hopefully of many… It’s a pattern for a lovely baby blanket – I’ve been knitting many blankets in the past few years and this pattern is so far my favourite.

Download the PDF pattern here! 

You can find the Ravelry project page here! 


9 thoughts on “Wavy Baby Blanky

  1. Help! I am trying to start this blanket. I get the repeat pattern till the end but cannot finish the last repeat, With 3 left over for the border. I end up with knitting the k2 tog, k2 then I only have 3 stitches left for the border, I cannot do the kfb twice , k2, ssk. I am confused as to where I am going wrong.

    • Hi Dawn, sorry for the delay in responding. I haven’t actually looked at my blog for a while…
      Did you manage to sort out the stitch count? I’m assuming you’ve double checked the number of stitches you cast on? I’m not sure what’s off since I can’t see your knitting…

  2. Elina, thank you for the wonderful pattern. I am getting close to completion – love it and will be so happy to deliver it as a gift.

    Want to make sure I do the last few rows correctly…I just finished my last 12 row repeat of the pattern; ending with rows 8-12 of knitting. Your instructions say to now knit 3 rows and bind off (which will make 8 straight rows of knitting). Am I understanding correctly that the blanky ends with 8 rows of knitting before bind off?

    Thank you for keeping me “on track” and again for the pretty blanket pattern.


    • Tricia, I’m so sorry I didn’t read your message earlier!

      Just in case you still need the info (which I doubt since it’s been months), you only need to knit three rows instead of 8. So not three times back-and-forth. 🙂

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