Chocolate Chip Cookies – finally!

This one is long overdue – but here it is! The recipe for my friend Alaina’s chocolate chip cookies. And yes, I do have her permission to share it with you!

She actually had the recipe printed on the thank you card she sent out when her son was born. Such a brilliant idea!

Alaina’s Chocolate Chip Cookies 

225g butter
125g caster sugar
200g light brown / golden brown sugar
345g flour
2 tsp vanilla
1 egg
1 tsp baking soda
350g chopped chocolate

Preheat oven to 190C (375F).

Combine butter and sugars. Add egg and vanilla, mix until smooth. Add remaining ingredients, mix until well combined.

Roll dough into balls. For large cookies, approx. 90g per ball – flatten the balls to about 1cm thick. For small cookies, approx. 30g per ball. Place the cookies on a lined cookie sheet, well spread out. Bake until golden brown.

Our baking day edition: We replaced some of the chocolate with toffee chips (oh yes, we use those on everything…). The cookies were almost too sweet – but oh so delicious anyway… 🙂

Also, when we weighed one of our cookies it was about 60g, and it was a good size. So just make the cookies the size you like and it should be good… You don’t need a scale. 🙂


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