Tired mother moment

I am tired.

The past couple of weeks have been very exhausting somehow. I have trouble sleeping at bedtime but I’ve managed to fall asleep in the middle of dinner and doze off in the shower (yes, standing up). And last week I fell asleep lying on the floor when Jacob was playing on his own. I woke up when he whacked me on the face with a wooden car…

I guess it’s just several months’ worth of sleep deprivation piling up. Jacob is sleeping much better right now, he only wakes up two or three times a night. Vast improvement from once in an hour two months ago… And when he wakes up it’s relatively easy to get him settled back to sleep. But once I’ve settled him I still lay awake for another half an hour. It’s like my brain can’t switch itself off.

Being this tired makes it really hard to focus on anything. I don’t seem to be able to plan ahead, which means often I start wondering what to make for dinner when it’s dinner time. Not that I’ve had much appetite anyway.

I thought it would get easier as the baby gets older but apparently it’s not that simple.

(At this point, my dear friend Scott will give a high-five to his wife, my dear friend Jenny. They’ve decided not to have children, and they are always happy to have a confirmation that they’ve made the right decision. 🙂 )

I’d say it’s still worth it in the end. But it’s not easy.

But it’s hard to be creative when your brain is not cooperating…


This was added later:

To sleep like a baby…


3 thoughts on “Tired mother moment

  1. We do not high five about our friend’s, only the bratty kids in the grocery store. OK, maybe a low 5. haha Hang in there Mama, wish I could come and give you some nap time. XO

    • You have my permission for a high-five. Seriously, sometimes I think you guys have a point… (Although I don’t regret Jacob, not one bit.)

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