Knitting needle cases

A few months ago I made myself a knitting needle case. I’ve wanted one for a long time, especially since last year when I lost one of my best circular needles. So I got some nice cotton and made this:

I’m not particularly happy with it – there’s a lot of wasted space on the top left corner, the bottom pocket is too low, and everything falls out when the case is rolled up… (The outside is made of the green, wavy fabric, by the way.)

So then one of my knitting friends was having a birthday. I decided to make her a case and test a new design in the process. Here’s what I did:

And the outside;

OK, this is much better. The lower pocket is deeper, I included a flap that will keep the needles in when the case is rolled up, and the strap on top of the case will hold long needles in place.

And then, a couple of weeks after that, another knitting friend had a birthday. So another case was made… The inside:

And the outside:

I know that this friend doesn’t use long needles very much. So I made the strap on top shorter and included couple of small pockets for stitch markers and things:

And then I thought, these are not that hard to make. Maybe I should make a few more and put them up on Etsy. I mean, who knows… And there’s nothing to lose, really. So I’ve made a couple of more, and I have a few more cut up and waiting to be sewn. (That’s the hard part – I can only sew when J. is asleep, so often that means late nights. And like my sister says, the universal bed time for sewing machines is at 10pm, after that they get too tired to do a good job…)

So here’s what I’ve added into my shop today:


And another one (this is what mine looks like on the outside too);


What do you think? I have different prints coming as well, as soon as I get them done… 🙂


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