What to do with an old t-shirt?

I’m the first to admit, I have spent way too much time on Pinterest.

However, I don’t just pin things, I actually use some of the ideas there. Like this one; dishwashing soap and vinegar in the handle of the sponge. Our shower is really clean these days! And then there are all the recipes… Like this cookie dough dip (which is cream cheese frosting with chocolate chips, really…) or the most excellent cream cheese banana bread… And I may or may not also have memorized a recipe for a brownie in a mug.

There are also myriads of ideas for crafts, and I’m a sucker for those. I’ve pinned more knitting patterns than I have time to knit until the day I die. Even if I live until I’m 104. And then there’s sewing, and scrapbooking, and and and…

There is, however, this very cute pattern for a baby romper from an old t-shirt. Hubby had a t-shirt that was very dear to him but that had holes in the hem. So I thought, why not… And turned it into a romper for J!

The original pattern has envelope neckline. The neckline turned out to be too small for J, it just wouldn’t go over his head… And the romper didn’t sit well on the shoulders either. The shoulder seams were pulling up, and it just didn’t look comfortable. Also, the crotch of the romper was confusing – I must have sewed the pieces together somehow wrong. I ended up redoing the crotch three times…

I redid the shoulders – took the seams apart and made regular shoulder seams. The shoulders are still very narrow and the sleeves pull high up but it’s better. I also cut an opening on the back (so that J’s head would actually fit through!) and made a snap closure for it. Not my tidiest work ever but it’ll do.

I’m working on making my own romper pattern with regular shoulder seams, with snaps on one shoulder. I’m not sure there’s a way to use an adult t-shirt’s neckline in a baby romper as is, I will have to see. I will also figure out a way to redo the crotch… There has to be an easier way. And next time I will use a t-shirt that hubby is not quite so fond of… (Note to self: Don’t use precious things as materials unless you know exactly what you’re doing.)


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