Green onesies

I told you earlier about the romper I made for J, and the problems I had with the pattern.

I also told a friend of mine who asked if I could make a couple of onesies for her friends – one has a six-month-old girl and another has a baby due soon.

Challenge accepted.

Step one; t-shirt shopping. It’s amazing what you can find in the thrift stores, for a buck or two. 🙂 It’s also amazing how many t-shirts are made of plastic. I’ve decided that especially for baby clothing, all the materials have to be 100% cotton. I might allow 5% of spandex or something if the pattern or the picture on the shirt is unbelievably awesome… But all cotton is better.

Step two; washing the t-shirts. Enough said.

Step three; cutting. This is where the mess started… You know how they say to measure twice and cut once? There’s a reason for it. See, I was totally planning to use the neckline of the t-shirt as the neckline for the romper. However, I have no idea why but one of the first things I did was cutting the t-shirt open – and cutting off the neckline!

Step four; plan B. Rompers look cute with raglan sleeves, don’t they? Not that I’ve ever made raglan sleeves on anything… So let’s see…

Next several steps involved more cutting, sewing, ripping of seams, more sewing, re-cutting and re-sewing… But here’s the final product:


One of the sleeves has an opening on the back, to make the neckline bigger for a baby’s large head. 🙂 Quite cute, no?

And yes, this onesie is green although it’s pink… 🙂


And then the newborn one… The baby’s gender is not known so my friend asked for a green onesie. My pet peeve, when J. was a newborn, was onesies that have to be pulled over the baby’s head when the neck isn’t steady. Therefore I decided that a wrap-around onesie would be the way to go.

I had a plain green t-shirt that made a nice but boring onesie, so I took some felt and decorated it a bit. Here, first the front:


And the back:


There are some things that bother me, like some untidy seams and the fact that the letters aren’t at the centre… Otherwise I’m happy. 🙂


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