Paperless kitchen

I have decided that paper towels are useless. They have to be, people survived hundreds of years without them… (For the record, I hate it when people make that argument. Life and society have changed so much in a hundred years, it’s usually not valid. But I digress.)

Where was I? Yes, paper towels. I think we can do without them. And once again, inspired by Pinterest, I took out my sewing machine and got to work.

I happened to have a stack of flat diapers that we had never used.

They are made of cheese cloth like cotton, and I figured they would be a good base for our towels. I cut them into squares and trimmed off the hemmed edges.

Next I found some cute cotton flannel from our local fabric store (very addictive place, I might add). I looked for old cotton flannel sheets from thrift stores first but didn’t have any luck – I only found cotton-polyester blends. But this one wasn’t too expensive.

I cut it into squares according to the diapers I had already cut, and a meter of flannel gave me a dozen pieces. Next I simply layered a piece of flannel with a piece of diaper fabric, and sewed a short zig zag stitch around all the edges. If you have a serger it’ll probably do a better, much neater job… But I don’t so zig zag had to do. Afterwards I trimmed the edges as close to the stitch as possible.

Next step; snaps. Just in case I haven’t mentioned before, I’m really excited to own a pair of snap pliers… I’d like to put snaps on ALL THE THINGS but that might not be convenient. (“Honey, did you really have to put snaps on my socks and ties?”)

Then, all that was needed was to snap all the towels together and wrap the whole thing around an empty paper towel roll!

oops, it’s not looking very tidy… 😐

The next problem – our paper towel roll holder is very, very cheap and very, very flimsy. I can barely hold up the weight of a regular paper towel roll, and this thing is way heavier…

So I used one of those over-the-door bars and a piece of ribbon, and voila!

The towels are really absorbent and are getting a lot of use. There are just two things I’d rather use the paper towels for – cleaning up cat barf, and cleaning fish for cooking. It would be more pleasant to use something disposable for those jobs…


3 thoughts on “Paperless kitchen

  1. Very cool. Why two layers? Would flannel by itself work just as well? I guess I don’t understand the purpose of the cheesecloth like layer…

    • The main purpose was that I had it, and needed to do something with it… Flannel alone might work as well – two layers probably better than one, for extra absorbency. I find that in the beginning the mesh was more absorbent that the flannel but the flannel is getting better now that it’s been washed two or three times (although I had pre-washed it before making the towels).

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