Kids’ Clothing Fun

This week is the semi-annual Kid’s Clothes Sewing Week, a popular event among many moms. I’ve participated once before, and I always keep thinking about it but don’t seem to find the time. I missed the sign-up again but decided to sew nevertheless…

Here’s a hoodie I made for our three-year-old godson who loves construction machines…



And unfortunately that’s all I’ve got to show, as far as finished products go. I’m making a pair of pants for J but I managed to get one of the front pleats facing the wrong way (that’s what I get for sewing at 11 pm) and I can’t find my seam ripper to take it apart. I’m blaming one of the cats for the missing ripper, he’s got a thing for cylindrical objects that roll around on the floor… I should check under the fridge.

I’m excited about the hoodie, though. I’ve been making some really colourful kids’ hoodies lately, for J and friends’ kids, and it’s just a lot of fun. Here’s J’s plane hoodie that started it all…


And here are some more. Enjoy. 🙂






And the same one on the back:


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