My little boy loves to cook! He sits on the kitchen counter when we make dinner, peeling onions, eating vegetables pieces, mixing and pouring stuff, and participating in whatever he can… Sometimes it’s more of a nuisance but you know how it goes with toddlers.

We got J his own little pots and pans for Christmas. He’s already got bowls and wooden spoons so that he would leave mine alone… 🙂

Hubby also loves to cook. He tends to be quite messy at it… So a little while ago he bought an apron. And soon after that J started to ask for his own apron!

Last week I finally made him one. It’s a fat quarter cut into shape, and edged with bias tape.

little boy's apron

There was enough fabric left on the edges to make a pocket too! And the apron should be big enough to last for a couple of years. 🙂

This was my Kid’s Clothes Week achievement this time around… I also cut a hoodie for J but didn’t find the time to sew it up. That seems to be the trend for me. Maybe one year I’ll have more time…

One more photo – like father, like son!

like father like son


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