Fabric, jam, and a confession

Well, that new fabric I bought to make t-shirts out of? One of them shrank in the wash so much that the only thing I can get out of it now is a 1980s style crop top. Yep, those are back in fashion… I don’t think they should be, and I don’t think I would have been able to pull one off in 1980s, even less so now… Into the fabric stash it goes. A good reminder on why it’s always a good idea to wash fabrics before sewing.

Confession? I visited Salvation Army thrift store last week, to pick up more materials for these shirts. Found and bought a cardigan. I’ve been looking for a nice, light one since last spring when the previous one gave up the ghost (it had way too many holes to wear it in public, although I did for a long time anyway). So that’s my first purchase during my no-purchases year. Well, this cardigan comes with a label “Made in Canada”, so it could have been worse.

This week I’ve mostly been at home with a sick three-year-old. He happens to love jam, so we decided to make some (because while he was sick he was as energetic as ever – kids, who knows how they do that…). Jams in general have SO much sugar I’ve been hesitant to give him any. But thanks to Pinterest, I discovered fruit butters! We started with this recipe for peach and vanilla butter in a slow cooker. 16 hours over two days later, we had a batch of lovely peach mush that needed some honey to sweeten it – next time I’ll try to find peaches that are actually ripe! Well, it took a bit too long for my liking. So we repeated the process on the stove top the next day, with pears. Added cardamom pods and cinnamon sticks for flavour. It only took three hours, and there was no need for added sweetener. Now we have jars full of kid-friendly jam!



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