T-shirts, jeans, etc…

Well, sewing for myself has been on hold. I haven’t finished a single t-shirt… It wouldn’t take too long but somehow there’s always something else to do.

I realized last week that this old pair of jeans I have isn’t going to last even through the winter if I wear them every day – or at least it’s not going to last in such a condition that I could wear them out in public… I’ve started to wear more dresses and skirts with leggings just to save the jeans, and I actually like it! Maybe I’ll become a woman who wears mostly skirts by the time this year is over… They’re easier to make too. Now I need to figure out how to make leggings. Does anyone have a good pattern or tutorial to recommend?

I’ve been sewing a lot lately, just not for myself. For kids. I have this little project called Purple Cat Designs. As some of you may remember, I use to knit stuff and sell it but figured out eventually that I wasn’t making much money that way, and now that I have a little person to knit for it’s just not worth it… But I do take old adults’ t-shirts and hoodies and turn them into kids’ clothing now. It’s so much fun! I have two markets coming up before Christmas, plus a whole load of custom orders to make for gifts, so I’ve been doing that. I’ll make things for myself once Christmas is over, right? Right…

cement mixer shirt


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