Spring Garden

We’ve had record warm months in January and February. Last weekend was just gorgeous… It seemed like a good idea to start gardening. I turned the soil in a third of our little vegetable batch on the backyard and added some fresh compost from the bin. I sowed some colourful chard which is a strong plant and is not supposed to mind occasional cold spells during spring.

I also got some little pots going for lettuce, basil, parsley and broccoli. Those live indoors for now, for a few weeks at least.

Then, at the beginning of the week, the weather changed. Suddenly it wasn’t so warm anymore; the grass was frozen in the mornings. And finally on Thursday morning everything was covered in wet snow! Here’s our veggie garden on Thursday:

This photo was taken mid-morning when most of the snow had already melted in the rain. (You can see the spring onions, they’ve lasted in the garden through the winter.)

I really hope the chard seeds are OK with the cold…

Meanwhile, the indoor pots have life. Basil has sprouted.


The garden is full of tomatoes. Aren’t they beautiful?


The green ones are ripe, by the way. They are really tasty! Round yellow ones are very mild and soft. Long, yellow ones are harder, I don’t like them quite that much.



Right now I’m in the process of making tomato sauce. I’ll freeze it for the winter. So all those beautiful tomatoes are being turned into an orangey mush… :/


Yesterday I finally started working in the garden. Late as usual, although not nearly as late as last year or the year before…

Today I got four tomato plants from a friend. They are in now. So are some red onions. More to come, as soon as I get around doing it… The cats were doing their best to help me, mainly attacking the shovel and other useful activities…