Travels, Old Photos and Distractions

I’ve been absent for a while. You may have noticed. This is the time of the year when I seem to be really busy every time. Christmas craft sales are coming up, and with J around, I have even less time to spare than I used to… And somehow I end up with jobs that get more and more busy, the closer to Christmas we get.

I also took J to Finland to visit mummo and pappa (grandma and grandpa in Finnish) in the beginning of October. It was a good visit, in spite of us all being sick most of the time… I got to spend time with my parents and sisters, and spent a lot of time going through old photos and listening to stories from the days past.

All my grandparents are now gone, but their old photo albums are at my parents’ place. My grandmother (dad’s mom) had a serious Alzheimer’s, and she had torn many photos off her albums and thrown them away. I looked through the rest. There were no names, no dates, just photos. My dad recognized many of the people but more were left unnamed. I took lots of photos from the albums since apparently no one else cares.

Matti & Iida Niemi (my great grandparents) and their daughter Sylvi, 1915

My grandfather (mom’s dad) passed away less than two years ago. He was interested in genealogy, and had written down names, dates and descriptions for the photos. He had albums full of photos, and many loose pictures in a tin. I browsed through, and took many of the photos from the tin, especially because many of them had duplicates in the albums.

Kerttu Varri, my grandmother, 1930s or 1940s

So now I have piles of old photos – family history, WWII photos, people long gone. The plan is to scan them all and then make albums – but considering I’m really bad at getting albums or scrapbooks done for our own photos I’m not sure when that’ll get done… Maybe when I’m retired.

Terttu Niemi, my other grandmother

Now, posting this has been the distraction part… I’ve got work to do.