Baby Spa

Next time your baby or toddler flings his or her meal on your face or leg, consider it a free spa treatment! Here’s how:

Yogurt (the real stuff, you know, made with milk and bacterial cultures, nothing else) is a great cleanser. It helps to get rid of acne and greasiness, moisturizes the skin and exfoliates dead skin cells! For a homemade facial, mix yogurt with lemon or honey, spread it on your face and leave for 20min. Rinse and feel the freshness! You can also use it on dry, itchy scalp before washing your hair.

Your home spa

Watermelon is the Best Thing Ever in our house right now, and yesterday I was practically speaking covered in watermelon juice. If that happens to you, leave the juice on the skin for 15min. Then rinse it off first with hot and then cold water, and feel the freshness! Or if your face is covered with not only the juice but the pulp as well, leave it for 10min and then rinse, and that’ll give you a natural face lift. And don’t forget to eat your melon, it’ll keep you hydrated, and that’s important for a beautiful skin.

Cucumber cools your skin down, soothes it and softens it, and helps you and your skin relax. I’m sure you’ve seen those pictures of beautiful women with slices of cucumbers over their eyes? That helps to reduce puffiness. Grated cucumber or cucumber juice helps to soothe sunburns. And for a glowing skin, mix 4-5 leaves of fresh mint and one peeled cucumber. Mash them together, stir in one beaten egg white, spread on your face for 20min and then rinse.

Oatmeal makes a great scrub, cleansing off dead skin cells and helping your skin glow. It’s even better if it has brown sugar in it! However, it won’t leave your skin dry because it also moisturizes gently.

Honey is a great natural moisturizer that works wonders especially on oily skin. It has antibacterial and anti-ageing properties. Blend one tablespoon with a peeled, cored apple and use it as a toner, or add half a cup of honey into your bath. But please, please don’t give honey to your babies until they are at least one!

And then there’s milk. Queen Cleopatra, it has been told, used to take regular milk baths. Milk moisturizes and keeps the skin soft and young. Use it as a cleanser as is, mix with honey and a few drops of lemon juice for a toner or a little bit of almond oil for a cleanser and make-up remover. And if you don’t want to carry home all those gallons to take a bath in it, use a cup of powdered milk instead.

Avocado is full of healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. So eat it. And spread it on your face – but make sure it’s really ripe. Avocado slices over your eyes can reduce puffiness. Mashed avocado rejuvenates skin, leave it for 30min and rinse. For extra oomph, mix with tablespoon of honey and one beaten egg yolk. Avocado is especially great on dry skin.

Eggs are also great for your skin, toning it and reducing greasiness. But since we usually eat our eggs cooked we’re not going to discuss them further since they usually work better in skin care when they’re raw… But if you really want to spread scrambled eggs on your face as a face mask, I’m not going to stop you…

No, I didn’t just make these up. I used Google a lot… I also browsed through an old notebook where I’ve copied recipes from many library books (but unfortunately I haven’t written down their names). And some ideas are from a great book in my shelf called India’s Beauty Secrets.

You’re welcome.

And once I find out how these things are also good for your carpets and walls, I’ll let you know…


Beaded Tail’s Furry World

Joining Etsy Bloggers team was great. The team is full of talented, inspiring artists and crafters – and one of them is Sharla from Beaded Tail. She is the team’s featured EtsyBlogger for June – and part of the team members’ assignment is to spread the word about their fellow bloggers, one featured artist and blog post at a time.

Sharla’s shop is full of beaded delights, and all the money she makes goes to various organizations taking care of animals. Needless to say, Sharla’s beadwork uses lots of animal themes as well. Red pair of kitty earrings is my favourite. 🙂

Sharla also has a blog, Her dog Sadie and cats Angel and Isabella get a lot of screen time there… Take a look, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the blog! 🙂

Old oak, part II

You may remember; in July I started working on this pendant in my enameling class. I didn’t quite finish it then; I got it almost done but needed the final polishing.

Well, two days ago I actually decided to polish the pendant… It’s been lying around in the bookshelf until now!!! Here’s the final product (for which I’m quite proud even though it’s not perfectly round…)


Bubbly necklace

My friend was browsing through my sketch book one day and really liked a picture of this necklace. (I cut out pictures from magazines of inspiration. I never copy the designs, mind you…)

So I made her a necklace. I’m not Michael Kors and I don’t exactly have the tools required to duplicate the original… So I used some wire with some beads and ended up with this:


It’s much more delicate than the Michael Kors one (I don’t want to say “the original one” since this is mine, not a copy!!) and I think it suits my friend better that way. She liked it a lot… 🙂

Some close-ups, then:



I also made a box for the necklace. My friend is an excellent pianist so I thought this box would be suitable for her:


Snakes, part II

So the necklaces are now posted on my Etsy shop (a week ago… But anyways…) and here are some photos…

Coral snake

Coral snake


Green mamba
Green mamba

The mamba is my favourite (even though I have no idea why the picture comes with a huge frame… Not intentional…); two types of jade and Czech glass. The snake clasps are really neat!!! 🙂

Update on the old oak pendant; the enameling class is over but pendant is not finished… All I needed was another half an hour to polish it… 😦 But no problem; I’ll be hopefully able to go to our teacher’s studio some time to finish it up – as soon as she comes back from holidays. By the way; to see her work check out her website!

Snakes and other beaded things

I’m working on a bunch of necklaces for Etsy. I’m going to launch a whole collection of them on July 26th – hopefully I’ll get them all done…

My favourite ones come with a snake clasp – they are really neat! I found the clasps first and designed the rest around them – and I’m really happy with the result. Sorry, no photos yet, though…

There other cool ones too… More about them later – on 26th!

Old oak

I just spend over two hours cutting this tree out of sterling silver…


It’s for the enameling class – I will solder it on another piece of silver and fill up the holes with dark blue (or maybe black?) enamel…

My left arm is REALLY tired – the muscles are just shaking… It was quite a job! I still have to finish it – it needs filing and sanding… But that’ll be tomorrow.