Unforeseen toubles

Well, I didn’t think of this possibility when I started my 365 days of no clothing shopping… I’ve lost 10 kg (that’s 22lbs) since July. The new pair of jeans I had got then are so loose I can pull them on and off with the zipper and the button closed. They look really baggy. I have another pair of jeans that fits somewhat better but those are the ones I needed to replace, and had been dedicated to be playground jeans. They’re back in regular duty now, in spite of looking rather worn…

I’ve been wearing a lot more skirts lately. The only problem is that it’s too cold to wear them on their own – and my leggings are too big too! Which ones are easier to make, jeans or leggings??

I haven’t got any t-shirts made yet either. The fabrics I was so happy about shrank in the wash (and this, children, is why you always wash your fabrics before sewing…) and they’re now barely enough to make a 1980s crop top. I didn’t wear those in the 80s, I’m not going to wear them now. But I need t-shirts. I didn’t find any t-shirt jersey from Our Social Fabric last time, and I couldn’t make it to today’s sale, I’ll have to figure something out. Maybe I’ll pull one of the big ones from my material stash and refashion it, and see what comes of that.

Three months into the challenge. We’ll see how this goes.


T-shirts, jeans, etc…

Well, sewing for myself has been on hold. I haven’t finished a single t-shirt… It wouldn’t take too long but somehow there’s always something else to do.

I realized last week that this old pair of jeans I have isn’t going to last even through the winter if I wear them every day – or at least it’s not going to last in such a condition that I could wear them out in public… I’ve started to wear more dresses and skirts with leggings just to save the jeans, and I actually like it! Maybe I’ll become a woman who wears mostly skirts by the time this year is over… They’re easier to make too. Now I need to figure out how to make leggings. Does anyone have a good pattern or tutorial to recommend?

I’ve been sewing a lot lately, just not for myself. For kids. I have this little project called Purple Cat Designs. As some of you may remember, I use to knit stuff and sell it but figured out eventually that I wasn’t making much money that way, and now that I have a little person to knit for it’s just not worth it… But I do take old adults’ t-shirts and hoodies and turn them into kids’ clothing now. It’s so much fun! I have two markets coming up before Christmas, plus a whole load of custom orders to make for gifts, so I’ve been doing that. I’ll make things for myself once Christmas is over, right? Right…

cement mixer shirt

Kitchen Rug – The Beginning

We have a little rug in our kitchen. It’s in a bad shape… The colours are faded and the edges are unraveling, and it seems there’s no point in mending the rug – it would not last very long anyway.

We also have a pile of old t-shirts. They were dedicated to spend the rest of their life as cleaning rags – until I discovered this:

The principle is not new to me. At home, mom would save every piece of cloth and we would then cut them into strips to be woven into rugs. Mom has a loom; I made my first rug when I was 12. Even when I moved to Canada, an ocean and a continent away, I brought two of my rugs with me…

I just had never thought about using the old fabric strips as knitting yarn. But now I’m inspired. On Friday I played around with some RIT dyes. Then I’ve been cutting the t-shirts into strips and now my wrists hurt… I have a 15mm circular knitting needle that turned out to be too big – I need a 10mm one. Once I get that I’ll start knitting.

Stay tuned – I’ll tell more when I get the knitting going…