Unforeseen toubles

Well, I didn’t think of this possibility when I started my 365 days of no clothing shopping… I’ve lost 10 kg (that’s 22lbs) since July. The new pair of jeans I had got then are so loose I can pull them on and off with the zipper and the button closed. They look really baggy. I have another pair of jeans that fits somewhat better but those are the ones I needed to replace, and had been dedicated to be playground jeans. They’re back in regular duty now, in spite of looking rather worn…

I’ve been wearing a lot more skirts lately. The only problem is that it’s too cold to wear them on their own – and my leggings are too big too! Which ones are easier to make, jeans or leggings??

I haven’t got any t-shirts made yet either. The fabrics I was so happy about shrank in the wash (and this, children, is why you always wash your fabrics before sewing…) and they’re now barely enough to make a 1980s crop top. I didn’t wear those in the 80s, I’m not going to wear them now. But I need t-shirts. I didn’t find any t-shirt jersey from Our Social Fabric last time, and I couldn’t make it to today’s sale, I’ll have to figure something out. Maybe I’ll pull one of the big ones from my material stash and refashion it, and see what comes of that.

Three months into the challenge. We’ll see how this goes.


The Bag That Almost Made Me Swear

I’ve made some cute little bags in the past. They’ve been quick to make and easy to assemble. Here’s a sample of one:


Cute, no? But also quite impractical, I admit. So I tried a different design. Here (with my cat Santosh):


This bag gave me such a headache!!! I stiched and ripped it apart probably five times… I just couldn’t figure out how to attach the lining in the bag and still make it look like I wanted to!!! I worked on it for the whole week, and finally it’s done and listed on Etsy. But was it ever trouble…